SandyShreu Shar-Pei

Bear Coat Shar-pei


Bearcoat Shar Pei is very similar to the brushcoat Shar Pei except for the coat length. They tend to be heavier built and stocky with larger heads and thick padded muzzles. They also tend to retain wrinkle, but you can not see the wrinkle because of the coat length. They are calm and gentle adult Shar Pei and prefer to laze about the house. But it is also very important to socialize and train them as puppies. They are soft, fluffy little cotton balls as puppies and their coats retain the softness as an adult, but without the thick puppy undercoat. Bearcoat Shar Pei must be combed – not brushed. You will need to purchase a grooming comb. It is essential to comb them in the spring and fall when they shed. Because of the longer coat, their hair can mat easily during this time. If your bearcoat Shar Pei develops hair mats, you can use a clipper to remove the mats or VERY carefully cut them out with a dull pointed scissors. But it is easier to keep them combed, paying close attention to the areas on the neck, around the ears, on the back of the legs and the tail. These areas mat up easily and quickly.






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